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A big Thank you from the staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters Waterloo

on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 12:08


ARTISTS's picture

 I like your music especiall like promiscuous Girl cause it amps my smile and makes me feel good.You remind me of A song that I hear called Suga Suga ..and I like the eements elements of Promiscuous and it sounds good.

AntonioSmith's picture

Hola soy siempre me gusto   - I'm Like A Bird ;) amo esta canciom, saludos

andry90's picture

Yes! =)

enrico99's picture

I think you are a great person! Good work! =)

Dan_Tleis's picture

Hi,my name is Dani Tleis I live in Staten Island New York and I would like to meet you one day if it is destined to be,I like you're music :)

Dan_Tleis's picture

My number is 860-921-2111 I will be back in the U.S. October 5th please call me if you may.Im a fan.


Aitor_Language's picture

Man you guys have to use genuine reviews like that as material to read before paying for anything.. or downloading anything.. there's still good quality in music don't get me wrong but it's not that common...

webmasterdiscoteche's picture

We want you in this italian disco club: Cocorico Riccione